Prolata recycles more than 8 thousand tons of steel in 2019

Prolata, a non-profit association created in 2012 by the value chain of steel can manufacturers in Brazil, recycled 8,059.6 tons of steel in 2019 through 51 cooperatives and 37 Voluntary Delivery Points (PEVs) spread across the country.

For the environment, the results are also relevant: in the accumulated result for the year, the extraction of iron ore was reduced by 9,188 tons and that of mineral coal by 1,241,240 tons. In addition, the emission of greenhouse gases decreased by 29,822 m³. These numbers represent 164,247 thousand trees that were not cut down and a saving of 70% of water in the manufacture of new steel. Since its creation in 2012, Prolata has produced almost 33,000 tons of recycled steel.

Another action carried out by Prolata in 2019 was the implementation of the first PEVs in Baixada Santista. PEVs are part of the paint production and sales chain strategy to fulfill all stages of the so-called reverse logistics, ensuring that empty paint packages can be collected and recycled correctly, without being discarded in the environment, and generating value for the entire recycling chain, especially for waste pickers.

The installation of nine Prolata stations in Baixada Santista is part of the action plan defined in the Environmental Cooperation Agreement signed, in November 2018, between the Special Action Group for the Environment (GAEMA), of the Public Ministry of São Paulo; the Brazilian Steel Packaging Association (Abeaço), creator and coordinator of Prolata; the Brazilian Association of Paint Manufacturers (ABRAFATI); and the Association of Paint Resellers of the State of São Paulo (Artesp).

At this location, consumers can deliver empty steel cans of paint and other products, which are classified, separated and later sent to the project's partner steel company, which will reuse them as raw material in its production process of new steel sheets. “Today, the country recycles 47% of the steel consumed. With Prolata, we want to reach 60% in 15 years”, emphasizes Thais Fagury, president of the Brazilian Steel Packaging Association (Abeaço) and coordinator of Prolata.

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