CMP – Companhia Metalgraphica Paulista

CMP invests continuously in the development of collaborators.

Our Human Resources policy aims to train and train the entire team through a training and development program, which offers at least 8 hours of training per employee, which means approximately 3,000 hours per year of technical and behavioral courses . The CMP still subsidizes undergraduate, graduate and language courses meeting specific requirements demanded in the positions.

We maintain a close relationship with Universities and educational institutions of technical level with the objective of accumulating academic expertise applied to the operational processes.

We try to blend the experience of our former collaborators with the formation of new talents to set up a team of high technical level, able to find the best ways in the most diverse situations and to look for innovations in the processes.

We are concerned with reconciling professional yearnings with internal opportunities by always fostering school / academic training so that the professional is ready for the opportunities that are continually being offered within the WPC structure.

Groups of works

Os grupos de trabalho compostos por colaboradores de diversas áreas têm o objetivo de canalizar esforços para a solução de problemas utilizando modernas ferramentas de qualidade como: EAP (Estudo para Aperfeiçoamento do Processo) e o ciclo PDCA Plan (Planejar), Do (Fazer), Check (Checar) e Act (Agir). Essas ferramentas são muito utilizadas pelas equipes do Controle de Qualidade e SGQ (Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade).

PDCH – Skills and Skills Development Program

The PDCH is a tool for evaluating competencies and applied skills, through which it is possible to identify opportunities for internal movement to its collaborators through promotion or merit.

To support the evaluation process, managers use an effective situational leadership tool for staff assessment. Through this program, the CMP encourages and creates conditions of professional evolution for its employees.

Good Idea Project

One of CMP’s biggest successes, the Boa Ideia project aims to build, study and implement ideas that bring improvements to work processes with greater security and productivity. The motivational program relies on the direct participation of employees. Each semester an awards event is held to recognize and reward the best ideas.

Hiring People with Disabilities

The inclusion of people with special needs is part of our social responsibility project to contribute to the generation of more job opportunities. CMP employees, for example, receive training in Libras courses (Brazilian Sign Language) to facilitate communication between the team. The company is part of the newly created “My World New” project, an initiative of FIESP and partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Employment to create new paths for the inclusion of PCD – Persons with Disabilities in the labor market.